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Jen Burdis Fitness Training

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About Jen Burdis Fitness Training

We are committed to being our best. Committed to the process of learning from: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Not afraid of putting in the work required at each level of navigating new situations to elevate our athletic performance. 


We share in this cycle of work together by assessing and pinpointing individual weaknesses to build and unlock our potential. We are only as strong as our weakest link, so let’s get stronger and elevate together! No matter how strong, how fast, how skilled we are, there is always someone who is stronger, faster, and more skilled.


Jen Burdis is committed to unlocking your potential by being her best to help YOU be your best. Committed to science backed training principles, building and testing customized workout cycles to meet and exceed your needs, providing accountability when you need it the most, and finding fresh exercises and cross training methods to keep you competitive and motivated to gain that winning edge throughout the entire year is what Jen delivers. 


We train together from preseason to postseason because there are no stops on the road to greatness - only built in vacations for rest and recovery.

Work hard. Train smart. Be your best with us.

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