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Discover Your Power Through Online Or

In Person Coaching

Getting Started

Choose Your Fitness Program

Jen is here to help every person of every age and ability elevate their life today!


All programs are designed to meet your specific goals, Jen carefully plans and provides a balance of interval training and functional strength circuit workouts to accelerate fat burn and build muscular endurance with little to no rest between sets keeping the heart rate elevated for those people who are looking to get and stay fit and healthy.


For those looking for more, we practice balance, coordination, and reactive power development with traditional strength and conditioning, and opportunities to generate power and explosiveness with lifting and plyometric interval training to challenge and push you out of your comfort zone.


Jen also incorporates core work, flexibility and mobility into all workouts in a progressive monthly cycle to sustainably and efficiently perform at your best. From a kinesthetic perspective, Jen focuses on helping individuals get stronger by moving through a progressive exercises in the six foundational movement patterns – squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, rotating, and carrying. Sport specific drills are offered for one on one clients and small group same-sport training programs. 


With over 20 years of teaching experience Jen knows how to assess and provide the right amount of coaching on form and fundamentals, implement the right amount of challenge for individuals to compete and perform at their best, and offers the motivation and mindset tools for clients to gain that winning edge in life with her customized 4 week progressive training programs based on individual and small group training needs. If you or your team is looking for that winning edge against the competition and to elevate your life then message Jen today.


In Person

If you want one-on-one personal training, or if you would like to do in person training for a small group. In person training is a great way to go.

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No matter where you are in the world you can train with Jen online. Online training is challenging, fun, and convenient.

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Retreats & Seminars

Would you like to escape for the weekend and have an extraordinary experience as you challenge your boundaries and redefine your limits?

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