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Nutrition Consulting
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Nutrition Makeover Meal Planning

When it comes to weight loss and building lean muscle - the kitchen is where it’s at! 

Jen works with a range of clients from business professionals traveling and faced with tempting food choices, friends learning how to prepare quick and healthy meals, and competitive athletes making sure they’re eating enough to maintain high performance.

Jen works with you to customize your meal plan to include the foods you love based on your lifestyle needs. As a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Jen can help you set weekly goals and incorporate strategies to make healthier choices.


Get started by scheduling your initial consultation with Jen today and learn more about this nutrition makeover plan! 

Session 1: This 30 minute initial session includes going over a brief food and nutrition assessment, lifestyle form, and food journal so you can clarify goals, meet nutritional needs, and share what works best for your success. Optional collection of your height, weight, and measurements can be taken to track progress over time.

Jen takes everything discussed in session one to create a personalized plan with easy to prepare recipes based on your unique needs. There’s no need to meet virtually during this process; although, she will contact you with some follow up questions to ensure your plan is exactly what you are looking for.

Session 2: This 30 minute session allows you and Jen to go over your customized meal plan, how to shop and prepare foods, and go over strategies and tools to help with accountability. 

You Get:

  • A 60 minutes of nutrition counseling going over your nutrition assessment, questionnaires, lifestyle needs, food journal and goals.

  • A meal plan based on your needs with personalized and easy to make recipes from Jen and resources.  


It's great to pair nutrition coaching with personalized workouts.


If you’re ready to look and feel your best please contact Jen using the form below so you can set up a free consultation to  get started on your new nutrition and fitness goals together!

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