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Meet Jen Burdis

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National Strength And Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

Jen Burdis is passionate about fitness and has experience working with a range of clients, both virtually and side by side; Everyone from: professional football players looking to improve athletic performance, busy business professionals serious about their fitness, people training for a big race or event, and individuals getting back into a routine not knowing where to start. 


Through attentive coaching, Jen provides clients the physical and mental tools in reaching goals, operating sustainably at a high level, improving athleticism, and achieving well-being.


Jen respects your time by carefully planning out balanced, succinct, and powerful heart pumping, sweat generating HIIT workouts to accelerate fat burn through agility training, balanced with muscular endurance with little to no rest between sets to keep the heart rate elevated, along with strength interval training to challenge and push you to your limits to get out of your comfort zone. 


She incorporates core work, flexibility and mobility into all workouts and into progressive monthly cycles so you can sustainably perform at your best.


Jen uses a unique blend of foundational functional training tools to help people improve mobility and efficiency in daily activities by practicing body-weight calisthenics, isometric holds, balance, coordination, traditional strength training, while working endurance, speed, agility, reaction time, and plyometric movements for those looking to improve athletic performance. 


With over 20 years of teaching experience Jen knows how to assess and provide the right amount of coaching on form and fundamentals, implement the right amount of challenge for individuals to compete and perform at their best, and offer the motivation and mindset tools for clients to gain that winning edge in life with her customized 3 month progressive training programs based on individual and small group training needs.

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

  • 2x American Ninja Warrior

  • Penn State Volleyball Alumna

  • Blue Mountain Sports Hall of Fame Inductee

  • ARC of Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame Inductee

  • Author

  • Speaker

  • Educator with M.Ed., and 20 years experience.

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