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Fall 3 Month Challenge

Sept. 1st - Nov. 30th

3 Month Fall Challenge



Are you looking for social connection, positivity, and accountability with new exercises you can do at home? 


This program is for EVERYONE! Jen has created a program specifically for YOUR group of committed, like-minded people, within your fitness level who have similar goals. Jennifer keeps daily workouts challenging and fun by getting to know her clients and what really motivates YOU! Jen offers a beginner, intermediate, and advanced class daily-  5 days a week with a Monday group coaching session after Monday’s workout.


Programs are designed to build community first and foremost, with quality instruction, baseline assessments, constant evaluation of exercise form, alignment, and function of movement patterns, and reassessment to measure growth.


Beginner classes are designed to build your confidence at a slower pace to offer you the proper coaching opportunities on fundamental exercises that you deserve, where heart rate stays at a moderate level and you have the opportunities to elevate or modify anytime. 


The intermediate class on the other hand, focuses on introducing new progressive exercises with greater intensity compared to the beginner class. These classes offer longer stamina intervals and different strength building opportunities.  The advanced classes push your intensity with even longer stamina intervals, power intervals, and different strength building opportunities that were introduced in the intermediate classes.


You’ll get to learn new exercises in Jennifer’s balanced, succinct, powerful heart pumping, sweat generating HIIT workouts to accelerate fat burn. These workouts are balanced with muscular endurance with little to no rest between sets to keep the heart rate elevated, along with strength interval training to get stronger and leaner. 


Jennifer uses a unique blend of foundational functional training tools to help you build strength, stamina, and improve mobility and efficiency by practicing body-weight calisthenics, isometric holds, balance, coordination, traditional strength training with some plyometric development.


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Sept. 1st - Nov. 30th
 1 Hour Classes 4 Days a Week Plus a
BONUS 1 1/2 Hour Sat. Intermediate Class.
Beginner Class 11 AM PST/2 PM EST )
 Intermediate Class 3 PM PST/6 PM EST
NEW! Beginner Evening Class 5PM PST/8 PM EST
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  • Beginner and Intermediate Online Classes

  • Motivated Individuals & Accountability

  • Customized Fitness Program

  • Live 1 Hour Online Workouts

  • 4-Days a Week

  • Plus a BONUS 1 1/2 Hour Sat. Intermediate Class 

  • Little to No Equipment Needed

  • 3 Months for ONE LOW PRICE

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