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Online Group Classes

Unleash Your Athletic Potential!

Join today and see for yourself what you can accomplish with a sense of community. Our online training groups put you in touch with like minded individuals like yourself while helping you build strength, stamina, lose weight, and improve mobility. Different leveled groups just for you.


Schedule your free consultation today to get those results you're looking for. 

Sign Up For Our 2 Day a Week Online Beginner and Intermediate Classes

$125 Monthly 

Now On Sale $100 Monthly

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Are you looking for social connection, positivity, and accountability with new exercises you can do at home? 


This program is for EVERYONE! Jen has created a program specifically for YOUR group of committed, like-minded people, within your fitness level who have similar goals. Jennifer keeps daily workouts challenging and fun by getting to know her clients and what really motivates YOU! Jen offers a beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.

  • Train at Home With Online Classes

  • Accountability

  • Customized Group Fitness Program

  • Live 45 Minute Online Workouts

  • 2 Days a Week

  • Little to No Equipment Needed




  • Beginner and Intermediate Online Classes

  • Motivated Individuals & Accountability

  • Customized Fitness Program

  • Live 30 Minute Online Workouts

  • 2-Days a Week

  • Little to No Equipment Needed

  • 3 Months for ONE LOW PRICE


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