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Jen Burdis

Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Author

  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

  • 2x American Ninja Warrior

  • Penn State Volleyball Alumna

  • ARC Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame Inductee

  • Author of The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits For Building a Stronger Mind and Body

  • M.Ed., with over 20 years experience

  • Keynote Motivational Speaker

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Coach 

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Five 30 Minute
1:1 Sessions

A Gift For You Or Someone Else. Sign Up Today!

Let's Get Fit Together!

Virtually Anywhere and in Allentown, Pennsylvania


Are you looking for a healthier life, positivity, and accountability with new exercises you can do at home? 


This program is for EVERYONE! Jen has created a program specifically for YOU, within your fitness level and challenging enough to keep you wanting more.  Jen keeps daily workouts engaging and fun by getting to know her clients and what really motivates YOU! Jen offers a beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.

New Client Starter Pack 5 30 Minute
1:1 Sessions $200

Now On Sale $ 175

  • Beginner and Intermediate Private and Semi-Private Online Classes

  • Motivation & Accountability

  • Customized Fitness Program

  • Live 60 Minute Online Workouts

  • Little to No Equipment Needed

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Ask About 3 Month Specials, 10 Packs, And New Client 5 30 Minute Session Starter Packs 

Lets  get stronger together!!!

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Jen offers live virtual workouts, virtual one on one sessions, and small group online training for clients. She also offers a blend of in person assessments, workouts, and virtual workouts. She is located in Allentown, Pennsylvania where she trains individuals, competitive athletes, and offers small group training. Jennifer can travel to train teams, individuals, run camps, and lead workshops. She speaks to schools and organizations. 

Hi, I’m Jen Burdis

Personal Trainer​, Motivational Speaker, Author

"I believe we have the opportunity to keep getting better as we age by learning more effective ways to live happier, healthier lives with small sustainable changes.


Healthy looks good inside and out. It feels good when our clothes fit just right, that smile in the mirror is real, and we're eating well  8/10 times- not starving ourselves then binging, or eating small amounts of boring food. 


Being an athlete and former teacher for over 20 years, I love helping people develop strategies that work for them with encouraging support and accountability we elevate together. 


We don't need endless hours of cardio, or wasting our valuable time traveling to gyms, or getting dreadfully boring cardio equipment. 


Instead we work smarter, we trust the process, set new goals, have fun, and get stronger together. We've got this! 

                                           - Jen Burdis

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Retreats & Seminars







Are you looking for specialized training for a sport specific event, a business or team looking to level up, someone with special needs, or in Allentown, PA for a business trip and want to train with Jen? GET STARTED HERE so Jen can help you!

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Elevate Your Life Today!
"Real People. Real Results"


It's Never Too Late

Lori McLarney Buell
online client of 3 years 5x a week

Elevate Your Life Today!
"Life Changing"

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Is The Time

Sarah Lupkin,
Owner of Morningside Salon 
online client of 2 years 1x a week

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For Those Looking To Take Their Game To The Next Level



"Empowering All Athletes to Unlock Human Potential"


We are the grit and sweat on our road to greatness. Committed to the process of learning from: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Not afraid of putting in the work required at each level of navigating new situations to elevate our athletic performance. 


We share in this cycle of work together by assessing and pinpointing individual weaknesses to build and unlock our potential. We are only as strong as our weakest link, so let’s get stronger and elevate together! No matter how strong, how fast, how skilled we are, there are so many ways for us to get better together.

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As Featured On


The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits For Building A Stronger Mind and Body

Jen shares eleven powerful habits to help teams, organizations, and individuals develop top performance skills to be the best. Learn how to:


  • Set and achieve aggressively achievable goals.

  • Develop grit and flexible thinking.

  • Bring your "A" game daily

  • Live with purpose. 

  • Practice mindfulness and reduce stress.

  • Take care of yourself inside and out with basic nutrition and exercise.

What People Are Saying...

The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits For Building A Stronger Mind and Body

gabby copy 2.jpg

Gabby Reece, Fitness Expert

“Getting young people started in the right direction creates a gift that will serve them their entire lives. The EduNinja Mindset inspires and provides actionable ways to be a Ninja in and out of the classroom. We need as many hands on deck to support each other and young humans finding their way. Life is full of obstacles, but when you have a plan and a clear line it makes getting through them so much easier. Jen knows this first hand, and I am so grateful to her for sharing it with all of us. It does take a village but why not a village of Ninjas?” 


Russ Rose, Former PSU Volleyball Head Coach

“The EduNinja Mindset epitomizes the journey of Jen, a small-town girl with a learning disability, to a big time role model with a plan to help others.  She never gave less than her best and did it with a smile.” 

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Dr. John Skretta, Former Superintendent of Norris School District

“We knew Jen Burdis would be an inspirational force addressing our faculty and she didn’t disappoint. The combined skill sets of an elite athlete and a master teacher incarnate in one person! Jen’s story is one of success through resiliency, integrity, and fortitude. Educators everywhere can draw inspiration from her example.”


Have Jen Speak to Your Team, Business, or Organization


Penn State Women’s Athletics "Teammates For Life," initiative keynote speaker Elevating Our Life Together! 2023

Yale Women’s Volleyball Webinar Empowering Athletes And Unlocking Human Potential. 2020.

Penn State College of Education Webinar Taking Care of Yourself Through Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness. 2020.

Penn State College of Education GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Women’s Leadership Conference: What Achilles Heel? Finding Your Purpose and Passion 2019.

DKG International Society for Key Women Educators:  Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide, California Chapters, It’s Time to Raise the Bar With EduNinja Nutrition, Movement, Mindfulness 2020, 2019.

Cal State Northridge Better Together CA: It’s Personal Meeting The Needs of Every Student: “Grit: Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Quit?” 2018. 

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