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Frequently asked questions

How do I start today?

It's easy. 1. If you know what plan works for you just click and sign up. 3. Use the contact form or email to schedule a free consultation. You will be contacted that day to schedule a free consultation. 3. Fill out your information on the health & liability form before the consultation.

What if I don't like training in groups?

Yes! We understand.

  1. Maybe try a beginner class to see how welcoming everyone is.
  2. Become an active Platinum, Gold, or Silver member to get 1:1 training to get the ultimate care and attention you deserve to kickstart your routine.

Do you lead private group training for teams, businesses, and schools?

Jen loves leading private group training sessions for teams, businesses, and schools. Please fill out the form to set up a time to talk with Jen about your group's needs and goals.

Where can I get your book?

The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits For Building a Stronger Mind and Body is available on and Barnes and What is the EduNinja Mindset? Embraces the idea that all individuals learn differently. Empowers people to look at obstacles as opportunities. Provides 11 daily actionable habits for building a stronger mind and body as a solid foundation to reaching bigger goals to better serve others.

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